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The sweet-tempered Sundanese people developed a taste for the raw sweetness of naturally occuring foods that they satisfied with luscious salads grown on the luxuriant land. The cavorting fish in the rivers, with their glinting scales that reflected the myriad colours of the rainbow, was also a favourite with the people because of their abundant meat. The patient villagers cultivated the method of cooking the fish over a bed of red-hot charcoal which sealed in the juices and retained the tenderness of its flesh.

One day, the people decided to enhance the taste of the fish by adding the ingredients of the salad they loved. And so, they pounded, mashed and ground the leaves, roots, stems and fruits into a thick, rich paste, which they spread generously over the sizzling fish.

A tantalising aroma soon filled the air. Mouths watering, the people of Sunda bit into of the fish and wonderment lit their eyes and set their tongues a-tingling as they savoured the delectable paste and tasted the sweet juices of the succulent flesh inside. It was a heavenly, scrumptious taste, the taste of paradise.

And here, at the House of Sundanese food, we have perfected this traditional style of cooking to bring you the BBQ fish, a taste sensation truly befitting the Gods.