Ikan Nila Goreng

Sundanese ‘Dancing' fish tastes every bit as wonderful as it looks. This fish is expertly deep-fried, yet retaining the juiciness to the flesh.

  Sedap Ikan Bakar Sea Bass

Performed Sundanese style, the basting process itself is an art. It precents drying out, resulting in a juicy, succulent fish. Prepared with spices from all over the world, it leaves you with a deliciously sweet after taste. A feast of a fish!!

  Sambal Goreng Udang

Juicy tiger prawns carefully fried with Sundanese sambal- coarse ground chilli paste blended with a myriad of spices. A SIN NOT TO TRY!

  Cumi-Cumi Bakar

Squid basted with a sweet sauce, slowly grilled over charcoal. For those with a local palate, sambal belachan is a must-have with this dish.

  Udang Nanas

Young pineapple and prawns are cooked in a sauce of spices typical of traditional Straits Settlements. Mildly spicy with a tinge of natural sweetness.